The ViziLite Plus is a light technology specially designed to identify abnormal tissue that could develop into oral cancer.  An annual ViziLite Plus exam along with a regular visual examination will provide a comprehensive oral screening for patients at increased risk for oral cancer.  This screening is painless, fast, and could help save your life.


ViziLite Plus exam is performed immediately following a regular visual examination.

First, you will be instructed to rinse with a cleansing solution

Next, the overhead lighting will be dimmed.

Finally, your dental professional will examine your mouth using the ViziLite Plus.


Smokeless tobacco

Smokeless tobacco contains the same addictive nicotine and dangerous chemicals found in cigarettes.  Even though the chemicals are not being inhaled, smokeless tobacco causes a number of serious oral health problems.


The effects of using smokeless tobacco

Smokeless tobacco and sugar are processed with nearly equal amounts of sugar.  A small pinch between your cheek and gums can lead to:

Unsightly teeth stains

Bad breath

Tooth decay which can lead to fillings, root canal treatment, and crowns

Receding gums

Tooth abrasion which can lead to sensitive teeth

Periodontal disease which can lead to farther infection, loss of jaw bone, and loss of teeth


The dangers of smokeless tobacco

For one out of 20 to 25 people who use smokeless tobacco, a mouth sore can lead to oral cancer.  Along with an increased risk of cancer, using smokeless tobacco can lead to other health conditions such as stomach ulcers, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, clogged arteries, and stroke.  

The best way to prevent oral cancer and other serious health conditions is to avoid smokeless tobacco.  If you are currently using smokeless tobacco, it is in your best interest to quit as soon as possible.