Conscious Sedation

What are the benefits?

Oral conscious sedation helps certain patients cope more comfortably with dental appointments.  We may recommend it if you are anxious about dental appointments, have difficulty getting numb with anesthesia, have a severe gag response, suffer from very sensitive teeth, or want to have a lot of dental work done during a single, longer appointment.  To plan the best treatment for you, we’ll need to know about your current medical condition and medication, along with any allergic reactions you’ve had to other medications.

What to expect

First, we may ask you to abstain from all foods and liquids for 12 hours, and then you’ll take an oral medication about an hour before your appointment. Because the medication will make you groggy, you’ll need a friend or relative to bring you to the office.  Once you’re seated in the chair, we’ll assess how deeply you’re sedated, and adjust your medication if necessary to keep you comfortable. For most procedures, it will also be necessary to numb your mouth, but the oral medication you’ve taken will make this pain-free.

During the procedure, we’ll constantly monitor your pulse, blood pressure, and oxygen levels to ensure your safety. You won’t feel any pain or be aware of time passing during the procedure. You’ll feel very relaxed and may even sleep, but you will respond easily to touch and our requests. After the procedure, your friend or relative will take you home where you’ll relax for the rest of the day.  For many, oral conscious sedation is a good choice for anxiety-free dentistry.